YNW Melly's Team Responds After Prosecutors Claim He Ordered A Hit On His Mom


Prosecutors say YNW Melly “authorized” a hit on his mother.

As YNW Melly continues to proclaim his innocence in the murder case of YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, the prosecutors are nailing down on him with new allegations. Court documents obtained by No Jumper reveal allegations from prosecutors that claim Melly ordered a hit on his own mother, according to the transcripts. The prosecutors also claim Melly authorized other crimes through phone communication including drug trafficking.


Q: Has, in your opinion, Melly authorized any communication for the commission of a crime?

A: Yes. If you read his phone, there’s narcotics trafficking, firearms violations, authorizing the killing of his mother. Those are things that you would consider “authorizing.”

The allegations quickly swirled around the Internet, and the rapper and his mother seemingly issued their own responses to the claim. Neither directly referenced the court transcripts but the timing of the posts on their respective Instagram Stories arrived immediately after the claims went viral. “This is pure desperation,” wrote Melly’s mother with a laughing and cap emoji. Melly’s team later issued a message on his behalf, writing, “Lies. False Agenda. Innocent.”

Earlier this month, it was revealed that a main investigator in the case will be appearing as an expert witness to testify that Melly was “more likely” the gunman in Juvy and Sakchaser’s case. We’ll keep you posted on any more updates on the case.