Yella Beezy Makes Fun Of Himself After Taking Hot Oil To The Face

Ronald Martinez / Staff / Getty Images

Following his cooking mishap, Joyner Lucas teased him by saying, “Stay TF out of the kitchen.”

Getting burned with hot oil is a type of pain that is unforgettable, and Yella Beezy received a face full of agony after making a crucial mistake in the kitchen. The Texas rapper has been keeping himself busy with his career, as well as fending off those arrests and charges, but the world recently laughed at his expense after he shared a video showing him doing a little cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

Beezy was able to come to terms with his mistakes and laugh it off, but his fellow famous friends had a few questions about his mishap. In the clip, Beezy is seen taking a pot of oil off of the stove and placing it under a running tap of water. You can envision the outcome.

Yella Beezy
Ron Jenkins / Stringer / Getty Images

“Fat story skinny , my dumb ass thought the grease had cooled down,” wrote Yella Beezy. “Tricked me [crying laughing emojis] got a couple light burns but ain’t nun but some war wounds !!!! The devil busy ain’t he [crying laughing emoijs].” The rapper’s comment section lit up with reactions and many of them came in the form of the question, “Why?”

Joyner Lucas wrote, “Lol I love u Yella but stay TF out the kitchen. [crying laughing emoji] respectfully.” Others couldn’t stop chuckling at Beezy’s expense, including Wale, Lira Galore, and Dez Bryant. Check out Yella Beezy’s unfortunate moment below and see how he used a Megan Thee Stallion meme to describe how he’s cooking from this point forward.