Yella Beezy Arrested In Connection To Pending Sexual Assault Case: Report

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

A warrant was reportedly issued for Yella Beezy’s arrest due to “bond held insufficient.”

Things aren’t looking too great for Yella Beezy. According to a report from The Shade Room, Yella Beezy was arrested on Wednesday in connection to his 2021 sexual assault case. The Dallas rapper was reportedly taken into custody on Wednesday and he’s currently being held at $1M bond. Records show that the warrant was issued for “bond held insufficient.” This means that the bond he posted was insufficient in its amount, resulting in his arrest. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The rapper was taken into custody and charged in November 2021 in connection with several charges. Police charged Yella Beezy with abandoning or endangering a child, unlawful carrying of a weapon, and sexual assault. 

Later on, details emerged where a woman claimed that the rapper sexually assaulted her on their first date. She said Beezy invited her to his home where they began to play cards and converse before he got aggressive with her and began pulling up her dress before he allegedly raped her.

In response to the allegations, Beezy claimed that the accusations were flat-out false. “I was arrested on false allegations. I was arrested before I was even questioned and I knew about anything going on, but it’s false allegations,” he said in a video. “Anybody that know me know I’m not pressed over sex or anything of that nature. I’m not an aggressive person like, that don’t even fit me, like at all. My character, me and that same thang don’t even belong in the same sentence. It don’t even sound right coming out my mouth.”

We’ll keep you posted on any further updates surrounding the case.