YBN Nahmir Links With PnB Rock in ''Bounce Out With That'' Video

YBN Nahmir has been rolling out tons new material for fans over the past couple months, and he's back with a new set visuals. The Alabama rapper is drops the music video for his "Bounce Out With That," which features a cameo from PnB Rock.

Starting out the Cole Bennett-directed video with a bang, Nahmir and his crew stomp straight on the camera lens to match the bass the beat. We then find the 18-year-old entertainer in different scenes including a baseball field surrounded by city buildings, driving in a luxury car while flaunting his jewelry, and linking up with Rock.

Nahmir has moved heavily onto the rising rapper radar over the past few months after releasing his hit song, "Rubbin Off the Paint." Even though he is fighting for ownership his breakout single, the Birmingham artist is becoming one an in-demand talent within the hip-hop community's next generation.

Back in November 2017, XXL spoke with Nahmir, who spoke on the influence the Bay Area within his music.

"I was listening to all type people but I was really influenced by the Bay Area music], E-40, Snoop Dogg, then I started listening to Mozzy, SOB x RBE, all those types people," he shares. "I have a bunch friends from Oakland and Vallejo that's in Alabama right now, those were the only people I was really hanging around. They were always listening to those type niggas and I did too."

Watch the turnt up music video for "Bounce Out With That" by YBN Nahmir below.