Wiz Khalifa Freestyles About Amber Rose and It's… Interesting

You don’t have to be a fan Wiz Khalifa, but you can’t hate on his reaction to being asked to freestyle about his ex-wife Amber Rose. While chatting it up as part his visit to 92.3 in Los Angeles, the rapper was blindsided by a request to rap about the mother his son. Even if you grew tired Wiz’s “Ain’t weed grand?” shtick, his wholesome bars are sure to make you smile.

Over the beat from Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like,” the rapper absolutely refused to play into the station’s attempt to stir up controversy for clicks.

“I don’t want no drama,” he began. “Why you gotta bring up my baby mama?” He continued on the same tack until the freestyle was over.

“I still love her, she love me too,” he said. “You think I’ma talk bad about her you’re through.”