What Bans? TikTok Announces Calvin Harris as UK Featured #ElectronicMusic Artist

Photo Credit: TikTok

TikTok is featuring Calvin Harris as its UK #ElectronicMusic featured artist for April. The promotion comes at a time when multiple governments across the globe are increasing their scrutiny of the social network.

The promotion with TikTok comes as Calvin Harris releases his new single, “Miracle” with Ellie Goulding. The new single is trending towards the #1 spot on the UK Official Charts. Calvin Harris regularly uses the #ElectronicMusic hashtag to interact with his 1.1 million fans on the platform. The single has already garnered 24.8K video creations in-app, along with millions of views since its release.

“It feels like a very creative time within electronic music right now and TikTok is playing a huge part in how this music is shared and created,” Calvin Harris shares. “I’m really enjoying posting my songs and experiences on TikTok, connecting with people who might be fans of my music and using it to provide an insight into what inspires them to create themselves.”

In January 2023, Calvin Harris performed a special immersive concert experience on TikTok and PICO, called The Calvin Harris Experience. Fans could enter a virtual universe featuring audio-reactive visuals in a nature-inspired luminous world. Performing as a virtual avatar, fans got to see Calvin’s setlist from the comfort of their own homes.

Harris joined the platform last year in May, where he broke down the creation of his track “Potion” featuring Dua Lipa. That video quickly garnered more than 4 million views. His music has been used as the soundtrack for multiple trends on the platform, garnering millions of creations.

TikTok announced the #ElectronicMusic hashtag as its latest genre campaign to be placed center stage in the UK. Over the years, TikTok has hosted live streams from Bicep and Disclosure, as well as special playlists from Carl Cox and TSHA.