Wack 100 Tells 6ix9ine "I Don't Think You're Scared To Die" On Akademiks's Podcast

Johnny Nunez / Contributor / Getty Images

A video clip of their three-hour conversation has been shared along with a date of when it will go live in its entirety.

The forthcoming, three-hour sit-down involving Wack 100 and Tekashi 6ix9ine has already caused a firestorm of reactions. The pair were recently featured on the premiere episode of Akademiks’s new Off The Record Podcast, and although the conversation won’t go live un August 3, we’ve received an official sneak peek of how it all went down.

This week, Wack 100 and Mysonne exchanged scathing words after the latter called out the Hip Hop producer for being a “Big Bad Blood” who sat down with someone who testified against his Nine Trey associates. After a photo of Wack 100 and 6ix9ine’s discussion was shared, Akademiks has returned with a video clip.

“When I look in your eyes, let me tell you what I see,” said Wack. “I see a motherf*cker—you have totally dismissed, you done already played it out how you gone go. I don’t think you scared to die… He’s not scared to die. He has already embraced that. He done played it out how it was gone happen if it happen. He not scared of that sh*t.”

“He really got a point to prove,” he continued. 6ix9ine chimed in and said, “That’s my point… I only attack the people that’s coming for me.” The rapper suggested that if he gets caught without his security and something happens to him, then it is fate. Check out the clip below.