Vallyre Takes Dance And Pop To A Whole New Level: “Bloodsweat” (Official Music Video)

Boston-native singer-songwriter Vallyre is releasing a new song, “Bloodsweat,” introducing herself with a bright, groovy, and truly infectious track that comes paired with an equally dazzling music video, showcasing Vallyre performing her song with an inspiring confidence and ‘joie de vivre’. 

“Bloodsweat” is home to a refreshing instrumentation, that, along with Vallyre’s precise deliveries, provide a sonic mixture that we instantly fell in love with. Her vocal dynamism and true versatility are the most  noticeable aspects of this release, while we hope she will continue creating such impressive numbers.  

Often compared to Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, or J Lo, Vallyre is known for writing deep and relatable stories that speak to everyone, as she masters the art of universality in her songwriting. 

“Bloodsweat” is a follow-up release to her 2016 EP,  Explosion, created with multi-platinum, and Grammy-nominated producer Art Shweky. 

This radio-ready song will find its audience and help Vallyre strengthen her presence and reach in the music scene.