“Unveiled” By Summer Watson Is Satisfying & Promising At Once

It’s been called many things – the universal language, a great healer, even a reflection of the Divine. While there’s little doubt about the power of music, the British Classical Crossover artist Summer Watson now shows us just how powerful music can be. Following her previous ingenious project “Break the Silence” the power-driven soprano vocalist speaks of one’s journey through life, the pains and the lows, confronting one’s demons, fighting, and not backing down in the face of extreme challenges. And now the time has come for a healing infusion – “Unveiled”
The second track off the eponymous EP, Summer Watson’s new single expresses the idea and feeling that we are all here on our own journey and that we cannot follow other people’s path. She encourages us all to create a new sense of unity with one another and open our hearts to share our story – just like she has done, in order to heal.

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