TwoCeez Drops Ultimate Music Video For His Track “One Of A Kind” Off Newly Released Album Community Service

North-Las Vegas-bred talented lyricist and rapper TwoCeez , formerly known as Chilly Chillz, has just released a brand new music video for his track “One Of A Kind,” a song off his latest album Community Service, released earlier this year.

TwoCeez clearly transcends the urban genre by pouring out his vision and intuition in a completely innovative and trend-setting way, speaking about his personal experiences and issues that relate directly to the way African Americans are being treated in the world, and especially in The United States.  

He puts it best and says:

“My music is about life’s struggles and triumphs. I love telling stories. My message is elevation. Always try to elevate yourself, don’t become a victim of your circumstances.”

His experiences with writing started very early in age, in the 6th grade, first with poetry, and then with rhyming during his time in prison. 

Released in 2020, his Community Service album has been getting massive traction on digital platforms, with the track “Lambo” alone getting over 100,000 views. 

TwoCeez is now working on his next project, “R An Ceez,” and will reveal more details about it soon.