Tuned Global Acquires Pacemaker As AI-DJ Streaming Functionality Expands

Photo Credit: Tuned Global

Australian B2B streaming solution Tuned Global acquires Swedish music technology company Pacemaker, marking a pivotal moment for Tuned Global with its first acquisition.

B2B streaming company Tuned Global has acquired music technology company Pacemaker and its AI-driven DJ applications. The purchase is significant for Tuned Global’s growth as its first acquisition, expanding the company into new markets.

Initially integrated with Spotify before going alone after the streaming giant modified its API rules, Pacemaker holds several patents for its AI-DJ technology and “rightsholder-friendly DJ mix solutions.” Pacemaker’s “match machine” is designed to help curators “instantly dig up great tracks in a massive catalog and keep the groove going for workouts, therapeutic sessions, or other playlist-driven moments.” These personalization and curation capabilities are said to substantially increase user session lengths and retention rates.

“Our ultimate goal is to help our clients create more engagement for their end users,” says Con Raso, Managing Director and Founder of Tuned Global. “Thanks to Pacemaker, Tuned Global extends its B2B streaming technology dominance by now offering enhanced AI tools that will hook and excite users as part of our white-label music apps as well as in a standalone product for companies who aren’t yet our customers.”

“We believe that with Tuned Global, Pacemaker’s full-stack, mobile-first tech will reach a wider audience, and we’ll be able to improve the music experience for Tuned Global’s clients,” adds Pacemaker CEO Jonas Norberg.

“An obvious fit is in the wellness industry, but we think it’s much broader than that. Our AI DJ is so good that it can improve the experience of any playlist, creating seamless, great-sounding, well-timed transitions between songs and audio.”

“We’re really excited to not only be extending Tuned Global organically as we’ve always done but now to also do so through a perfectly aligned acquisition,” notes Raso. “Pacemaker has a team and tech that fit our core values and what we’re trying to achieve for our customers and their end users.”