Trina Reflects On "The One" Album Release: "I Was Betrayed"

Brad Barket / Stringer / Getty Images

The project was at the center of a controversy between the rapper and her former business partner.

Just a few years ago, Trina shared her album The One, but’s release came with bumps in the road. What people weren’t aware of was behind the scenes, Trina was at odds with her business partner at the time, Julian, who she would later say stole the money that was supposed to be used for the record. She detailed the controversy during an episode of Love & Hip Hop Miami.

“After four years, we finished the album, finally. Then, my business partner Julian was given a $300,000 advance and he used it for his label which was supposed to be for me,” she said on the show in 2020. “Now, all of a sudden I’m getting cease and desist letters from producers that were never paid, and my whole album was taken down off the internet.”

Artists often reflect on their records when release anniversaries arise, and Trina reflected on The One and the battles she faced with the record.

“[Three] years ago today [orange heart emoji][sad face emoji] I worked rlly hard on this project and it hurt me so bad how I was betrayed and taken advantage of . I rarely speak on things but this was suppose to be one of my happiest moments and it turned into one of my biggest pains. STILL .. #TheOne.”

Her relationship with Julian was one of deep trust and Love & Hip Hop Miami fans watched as it unfolded on reality television. Check it out below.