Tom Brady Roasts Eli Manning Upon Arrival To Twitter

The Tom Brady and Eli Manning friendly feud continues.

Tom Brady and Eli Manning got to face f twice in the Super Bowl against each other and both times, Manning came out on top thanks to his fourth-quarter heroics. Brady has six Super Bowls to his name and is rightfully considered to be the more talented quarterback. Regardless, Manning seemingly had his number in the Super Bowl and it’s a narrative that still lives on to this day.

Today, Manning decided to join social media, starting with Twitter. After making his first post on the platform, Brady decided to troll him with a reference to his abilities in the Super Bowl. Essentially, Brady said Manning was late to Twitter which makes sense since he is always better in the fourth quarter.

While Brady worded this as a troll, it certainly comes f with a degree salt considering Manning ultimately beat him in those games. If anybody should be trolling here, it would have to be Eli who dashed Brady’s hopes a 19-0 season over 10 years ago.

Regardless, Manning is no longer in the league while Brady is about to start a fresh season with his brand new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Clearly, this friendly rivalry is still alive and well.