TLC’s Chilli Reacts To Weezer’s Cowl Of "No Scrubs"

Weezer will get a lot love from TLC’s Chilli.

Weezer followers have been duly shocked to discover a bunch seemingly out place cowl songs on the group’s newest album. One these uncanny alternatives occurred to be a rousing rendition the TLC traditional “No Scrubs.” Weezer additionally paid tribute to Michael Jackson, Black Sabbath, a-ha, and Toto on the ultimate draft. And with that mentioned, The Teal Album is an acquired style, even by Weezer’s snuff rock requirements – proceed with warning. 

Alternatively, TLC’s reception is altogether extra constructive than mine – some may say Chili is blinded by the flattery the gesture. Upon listening to the track herself, the legendary TLC member jumped on Twitter to thank the group for the heartfelt rendition. Included in her “Thank You” Tweet is a 45-second clip the recording, in addition to her Cleo-like prediction a TLC x Weezer live performance within the close to future. Weezer indubitably helped their trigger by Tweeting, “hope you need our quantity” simply because the album was going to press.

The Twitterverse is seemingly simply as enthralled as the 2 constituents, on the prospect a TLC x Weezer collaboration. However a small minority wise commenters, like @Rena403, are refusing to worship (blindly). She’s proper, the duvet is borderline fensive, the gesture extremely heartfelt – however in context, Weezer by no means took themselves too critically. If Chilli is proud of the duvet, then there’s actually nothing extra to say.