Tiny Seemingly Reacts To Shekinah Anderson Spilling Alleged Secrets On Livestream

Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

Shekinah recently got on Livestream and shared stories about her former friends, alleging T.I. was once carrying on with Bernice Burgos.

It’s unclear why Shekinah Jo Anderson decided to rehash her beef with T.I. and Tiny, but she’s back to spill more alleged details about her ex-friends. There were apparently already incidents behind the scenes that caused the trio’s friendship to fray, but when Shekinah jumped into the conversations about T.I. and Sabrina Peterson, things took a downward spiral. 

After a few social media explosions last year, things have been relatively quiet as it pertains to Tiny, T.I., and Shekinah aside from the lawsuit they’ve all been named in, but while on Livestream, the latter once again brought up secrets about the Hip Hop couple.

Shekinah Jo
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During her rant, Anderson suggested that T.I. had something going on with Bernice Burgos and alleged that Tiny wanted Shekinah to fight the model. Clips of the Live quickly circulated throughout social media, once again thrusting Tiny and T.I.’s names back in headlines. 

After going viral, the video didn’t go unnoticed by Tiny. 

“If you don’t have proof that whatever you be talking about is working for you man do everyone a favor and shut yo ass up,” she penned on her Instagram Story. Unsurprisingly, Tiny did not tag or mention Shekinah at all, but the public has accepted this as her response to her former friend’s recent antics. 

Check out the post and Shekinah Anderson’s secret-spilling video below.