Tia Kemp Barks On Rick Ross Over Him Celebrating End Of Child Support Payments

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Tia Kemp and Rick Ross won’t be winning any co-parenting awards anytime soon, this after the rapper caught yet another verbal lashing from his son’s mother. Rick Ross celebrated Father’s Day this weekend by announcing he no longer has to pay child support for their son, but Tia Kemp wasn’t about to let him have his day.

On June 15, Rick Ross posted a video asking his fans what they would rather celebrate, Father’s Day or the final day of paying child support.

Tia Kemp caught wind of the video and unloaded on Rozay with a profanity-laced barrage of insults stating that if she wanted to run it back, she would. Kemp also mentioned that the money she’s making now dwarfs whatever payments Ross sent over for their son, who reportedly just finished high school.

It doesn’t appear that Ross was bothered by Kemp’s jabs as he just posted on his Instagram Story feed this morning (June 18) stating that he’s still celebrating Father’s Day.

Knowing how Rozay’s baby momma gives it up, we can expect a lot more insults in the coming weeks if they continue to poke and jab at each other through social media.

On X, formerly Twitter, Tia Kemp and Rick Ross’ back-and-forth was trending and we’ve got the reactions from all sides below.

Photo: Instagram/@tia_kemp2

1. If that’s a goal in life, then yeah, sure. Great. Kudos.