Thisis50 Indie Artist Spotlight: New Jersey Native 6FIGGEE Brings the Party with New Single, “Party”

Thisis50 Indie Artist Spotlight: New Jersey Native 6FIGGEE Brings the Party with New Single, “Party”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hip-Hop artist 6FIGGEE was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, and has been heavily into music ever since he was 11 years old. The talented artist dabbled into making beats here and there, which eventually morphed into the artist putting his own bars together. Growing up, the rapper continued to press onward with his passion in songwriting, as he began frequently freestyle rapping after graduating from high school.

With influences from the likes major rap moguls such as Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G., 6FIGGEE found himself gravitating toward their style music, as he desired to emulate similar beats in his songs. Five years ago, the artist completely buckled down as he made a sound decision to turn his passions into real success. When asked about the motivation behind the decision, 6FIGGEE said, “I always had a passion for it. It was my hobby, but I became very obsessed with it when I started doing more.” After continuously writing hooks for songs and making his own beats, he knew this was more than just a hobby: it was a game-changing lifestyle and career.

6FIGGEE is beyond excited to share his newest single titled “Party” with the world, which has been released on iTunes. When asked about the inspiration behind the single, the artist coyly laughs as he says, “It’s a party! It’s really a party track. It’s gonna get you moving, and it’s gonna get you dancing.” The single has been well received, as it’s hot new music just in time for a summer kickback or driving down the highway with the windows down. 6FIGGEE never stops the hustle, as he will be shooting the music video next weekend in Atlanta.

Next up for the artist is his upcoming EP, Born 2 Win, due out in August. 6FIGGEE plans to release another teaser single, “On My Mind”, before dropping the major project. The artist is truly one a kind, as he spreads positive energy and inspiration to those around him, specifically to his children. “My drive comes from my kids. That’s how I stay going,” said the rapper. “My son loves to hear me when I record or do videos. He even wants to be in my videos!” The smile he puts on his children’s faces is just enough to keep him going, and making his footprint in the music scene one step at a time.

Listen to “Party” below.

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