The Music Video For “On My Own” From Tae UMG and Tyblee Is Out

Tae UMG and Tyblee collaborated on the new track “On My Own.” The release is a true urban spirited hip-hop masterpiece with strong lyricism, groovy, swag-filled beats, and rapping mannerism reminding us of OG hip-hop. Both artists are enormously talented and passionate about the work they do. They also released the music video for the track. The visuals are filled with girls, police, money, cars, and golden chains. Tae UMG and Tyblee give the vibe of artists with whom Kendrick Lamar would have considered to work with. They know what real rap is. The artistic charisma, backed with hip-hop vibes, pour out of Tae UMG’s verses. His rap comes from his truth; you can hear the voice of the streets in his rap.