"The Mandalorian" Gets More Viral Attention After Boom Mic Falls Into Shot

People were quick to notice the mishap.

Earlier this year Game Thrones gained even more attention when people noticed a Starbucks cup in an episode the show’s final season. The accidental prop was easy to spot considering the show is set in medieval times and the well-known logo the popular cfee house stuck out like a sore thumb. Only recently did actress Emilia Clarke reveal who the culprit was and now another popular show has made an accidental move when it comes to final editing. 

"The Mandalorian" Gets More Viral Attention After Boom Mic Falls Into Shot
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Disney+’s The Mandalorian has become the most-streamed series in the U.S. and now just four episodes in one viewer noticed a boom mic in one shot, at the 16:37 mark Chapter 4. The episode was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, marking the actresses directorial debut. According to The Daily Mail, after one YouTuber posted about the accidental mic feature, it was quickly scrubbed from the episode with no comment coming from the network.

The series is set five years after the original Star Wars trilogy where Pedro Pascal stars as the main character. “He’s a mysterious lone gunfighter in the outer reaches the galaxy,” he previously revealed his character. “He has a questionable moral character, which is in line with our best western and samurai movies. He’s a badass.”