The Debut Single And Music Video “Dripp” By JGOTITT Come To Prove The Artist Is Here To Stay

Some artists have the luck to drop a debut song that instantly claims their place in the industry. Talent and hard work are important components of success, but there is a certain creative luck that not everyone is blessed with. Atlanta-based hip-hop artist JGOTITT can definitely consider himself a lucky artist because his debut release of the track and music video “Dripp” is an art piece sent from above to bless the rap game, and he was chosen to be the one to channel the energy of the song. 

When the artist was young, his mother suggested him being serious about his talent and passion. JGOTITT lost his mother at a very early age, but her words are with him forever. Choosing Gregory “D” Blake and his company Hits On Fye as his production team, the artist indicated his intentions to have his name written in golden letters on the dome of hip-hop.  Right decisions have the tendency to pay off, and JGOTITT’s praise is the perfectly and masterfully crafted “Dripp,” perfect in every detail both in visuals and sound. The artist’s lyricism is severe, mature, with a strong background, heavy themes, and poetic urban vibe to it. Video for the track is shot in style and tasteful. All the details correspond to one another, creating a perfect harmony and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.