Tay-K's Team Denies Rumors Rapper Stabbed Prison Guard


Tay-K’s team denies that his sentence has been extended, insisting that he has been staying out of trouble in prison.

The rise and fall of Tay-K is one of the most compelling cases of modern rap. The reality in his raps is what turned “The Race” into a viral anthem that was nearly inescapable in the summer of 2017. But, by that time, the story of the song was already well-known. In 2019, he was sentenced to 55-years in prison at 19-years-old for one count of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated robbery related to the home invasion.

He has maintained an optimistic attitude about his release but rumors began floating around earlier today that his sentence was extended. Several outlets reported that the rapper was going to be receiving additional years to the 55-year sentence for allegedly stabbing a prison guard.

As it turns out, it was merely a rumor. A statement from his Twitter account issued from his team addressed the allegations, claiming that they carry no validity while suggesting the media is spinning the narrative against the rapper.

“All rumors of Taymor’s sentencing being extended are false. Tay has stayed out of trouble and the media is still fighting against him to paint him in an untrue narrative. Appeals are still continuing and he will be home soon #FreeTayK,” a message posted to Tay K’s IG story reads.

Another post on his IG Story included Akademiks’ report, captioned, “False and Untrue.” Check the posts out below.