Suspect Arrested In Gucci Mane Artist Foogiano’s Concert Shooting That Left 2 Dead

Greenville, SC – One suspect has been arrested in the shooting at Gucci Mane’s artist Foogiano’s July 5 concert that left two dead and eight others injured.

Fox Carolina News reporter Shale Remien shared Jarquez Cooper’s mugshot on Tuesday (July 7), noting deputies are still looking for three others.

Although the shooting occurred at Lavish Lounge in Greenville, South Carolina, Cooper is currently being housed in a Georgia facility.

Cooper is being charged with two counts murder, seven counts attempted murder and one count possession a weapon during the commission a violent crime, according to Greenville’s ABC affilaite WLOS.

Suspect Arrested In Gucci Mane Artist Foogiano's Concert Shooting That Left 2 Dead

2 Dead Following Gucci Mane Artist Foogiano’s Concert In South Carolina

A day after the shooting, Foogiano took to Instagram to reveal he’d spoken with the baby’s father one the victims, Mykala Bell. After people were accusing the 1017 Records rapper being involved in the deadly incident, Foogiano wanted to make sure her loved ones knew he had nothing to do with it.

“I really don’t do the internet thing, you feel me?” Foogiano said in the clip. “But y’all on here tryna bash me like I’m just a savage ass killer or something, like I just killed this girl. One, I’ve talked to her baby daddy. He called me. We got a good understanding. There was no hiding, feel me? I did not leave.”

I stayed in South Carolina the same night, you feel me? I talked to everybody that I needed to talk to. Stop bashing me like I’m just out here shooting people. Y’all see videos, so what happened … happened but that shit ain’t my fault! I don’t promote violence.”