Sonny Digital On The Difference Between Rappers And Producers In The Game

He’s got some good points.

Sonny Digital had a response to DJ Akademiks’ Twitter question that is so on point about the industry. Akademiks asked his followers to “name 3 producers who fell f in 2019” which is a fair question. Except, Sonny took issue even with the question itself given how listeners interact with producers versus rappers. Sonny Digital’s response was, “this is dumb Akademiks. Unless people hear the tags they usually don’t know who produced what.” Which, is a completely justified thing to say about fans in general.

Sonny posted the Twitter dialogue to his Instagram with a caption that reads, “I don’t understand how a producer can fall f. We already get the shorter side the stick entering the game! Producers don’t fall f they just build up. Producing has no age limit unlike rapping. You can catch your biggest song late In life.” Yet another completely legit point.

While rappers have to be center stage, producers are ten in the background getting less the accolades or spotlight. Some people pay attention to producers more than others, but as far as the majority listeners go, most the downloading is based f the rapper’s name on the track, not the producer’s. Sonny’s remarks are telling about the industry and even give some deep insight into the game.