Skip Bayless Records Cringey Video After Cowboys Stun The Bengals

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for IAVA

Skip was having himself a day.

Skip Bayless is easily one of the biggest Cowboys fans on the planet. Every single day on Undisputed, Skip tries to rationalize why the Cowboys are actually going to win the Super Bowl. It has become quite comical, and it is hard to take his analysis seriously at times.

Luckily for Bayless, he was finally validated on Sunday as the Cowboys shockingly beat the Cincinnati Bengals with backup quarterback Cooper Rush. The Bengals were expected to win the game with ease, but in the end, the Cowboys’ defense came up big, while Rush made some solid plays in the first half to secure the victory.

Skip Bayless

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for IAVA

Bayless was very excited to rub this win in the face of the world and it led to an incredibly cringey video in which Bayless put the camera just a bit too close to his face. Bayles has done this stunt before although he typically does it when the Cowboys lose.

This was the odd time where Bayless was able to boast, and it led to some praise for Cooper Rush, while an emphatic “how bout them Cowboys” closed out the clip. Either way, Bayless made himself look wild here, and it is definitely going to lead to some nice meme fodder.

The Cowboys are still in tough for the rest of the season, but with Bayless’ support, who knows where the Cowboys will be by season’s end.