Shimmy Drops Another Exquisite Piece “Playboi Carti”

Rising hip-hop artist Loe Shimmy is out with a new track called “Playboi Carti”. Once again the rapper demonstrates vulnerability and mastery of his skill with a croaky voice taking on impressive lyricism. The song is nothing like you’ve ever heard before, and can’t even be boxed in with the rest of Shimmy’s pieces like “Bounty”, “A Day in the Noya”, and so on. Always versatile and hard to pin down, this artist is bound to make it big!

A Pitchfork review reads: “His bone-dry voice feels even more strained than usual, and he starts in a sleepy mutter before gradually picking up the pace. Backdropped by a breezy beat, Shimmy’s words sail over the instrumental. It’s so chill that even the fast version could lower your heart rate.”
Loe Shimmy has previously shared “Wake Em Up”, another hugely successful track that proclaimed the rapper’s personal inspiration and his desire to share his own revelations with the audiences.