Rubi Rose Thinks Rappers Are "Habitual Cheaters"

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She can’t say she would never date someone in the industry again, but she has decided to keep her relationships off of the internet.

She recently received a public apology from her ex DDG and now Rubi Rose is speaking about why she isn’t enthusiastic about dating someone in the entertainment industry. Rubi is among the several artists included in this year’s XXL Freshman class, and despite the hate she has received from certain social media users, the rapper’s star has continued to shine. Rose has been steadfast in trying to prove her naysayers wrong, but as her career has progressed, her love life has also been a topic of discussion.

Rubi and DDG’s romance has been a staple of controversy and while it seems to be over, he recently took a jab at her online. He later followed up with an apology and when Rubi visited 99Jamz, Supa Cindy wanted to know what she’s learned from her past relationships.

“Keep it off the internet,” she said before repeating herself. “Moving forward, I’m going to do so.” Cindy wanted to know if Rubi would date another person in the industry. “I wanna say no, ’cause mostly like rappers and n*ggas in this industry are just habitual cheaters, but it’s like, it’s hard to meet people outside of this industry because I don’t be out… Other people don’t understand the lifestyle.”

Rappers have had notorious reputations for infidelities and some people believe when you’re dating an artist, it comes with the territory. Check out the clip of Rubi’s interview below.

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