ROBBY VEE – Double Spin

Neo-Rockabilly artist Robby Vee just delivered an outstanding album entitled Double Spin. Not limiting himself to one genre, Robby Vee dances from rock to blues, from jazz to country, and everything in-between. A compelling fusion to be enjoyed by the masses while still appealing to the lovers of the genre.  

The strength emanating from this album partly created in collaboration with writer and poet Andrew Hall is truly contagious, and drive its roots from the legendary rockabilly tradition started by Robby Vee’s late father (legendary musician Bobby Vee), truly inspiring, and addressed to all. The collection of eleven songs is loaded with emotions and fun, and no doubt about it, it will touch the heart of listeners across the globe. It is also a display of sincerity, quite rare nowadays, where the artist shares his doubts and exposes his truest self, in its rawest version, with us.

Keep Robby Vee on your radar!

Make sure to check out Double Spin down below: