Rihanna Saw Her Biggest Day in Apple Music History with Halftime Show

Photo Credit: Apple Music

With Sunday night’s Halftime Show, Rihanna saw her biggest day in Apple Music history.

Rihanna made history on Sunday night with her Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring a career-spanning performance of many of her greatest hits. Sunday was Rihanna’s most significant day in Apple Music history by streams worldwide and her biggest day in Shazam history.

Immediately following her performance, Rihanna’s listeners on Apple Music worldwide increased by a staggering 331%. She saw notably more concurrent listeners than any of last year’s performers, leading to Rihanna’s most significant hour in Apple Music history by both simultaneous listeners and streams.

Additionally, her catalog stormed the charts worldwide. “Umbrella” reached the charts in 105 countries — a new record for the song, nearly 16 years after its release. “We Found Love” also hit the songs chart in a record 92 countries worldwide, and “Work” re-entered the charts in more than 50 countries. All in all, Rihanna’s songs charted in 149 countries on Sunday night.

The Halftime Show resulted in Rihanna’s biggest day in history for Shazams, with 8:31 pm EST being the most-Shazamed minute of the show and the most-Shazamed minute in the US since last year’s Halftime Show. “We Found Love” was the song with the most Shazams from Rihanna’s performance.

Meanwhile, Spotify says streams of Rihanna’s music increased 349% after the show concluded. Her opening the show with “Bitch Better Have My Money” helped bring the track a jaw-dropping 1,796% sales spike. Other hits in her catalog to see a noticeable boost following the show included “Pour It Up,” with 747%, “Rude Boy,” with 610%, and “Diamonds,” which saw a 556% boost in streaming numbers.

While performers do not get paid a dime for their Super Bowl Halftime shows, the exposure it generates makes for a lucrative endeavor for an artist’s career in the long run. Rihanna hasn’t released an album since 2016, so Sunday night’s performance may serve as a springboard for a new era in her career.