Rick Ross Explains Why He Never Signed Nipsey Hussle

Rick Ross sat down with Eric and Jeff Rosenthal on their podcast "ItsTheReal" and explained why he never signed Nipsey Hussle to his label Maybach Music Group.

"Really, I was young at the time," said Rozay. "I had just started going to Cali. I ran into him and I just felt this vision, felt this drive. I knew he was going to be somebody who was gonna live his dreams out. I put the fer on the table for him and another young dude Dom Kennedy. I wanted to establish MMG on the West Coast. I wasn't coming out there as much, I wasn't travelling as much and I didn't have as many connections as I do now. We didn't close that deal, but we stayed in touch. The love was always genuine and it was there."

In February 2018, 13 months before he was murdered in front his Marathon Clothing Store, Hussle also talked about why he didn't sign to Maybach.

"I was gonna do the deal when Ross put the MMG thing on the table" said Nipsey back then. "Just the terms and the way Ross set up things], and the way the conversation started in that building, it was a great opportunity. It was a great situation. I just had a concern with my team getting credit for breaking Nipsey Hussle, so I necessarily didn't want to take that from my team."

Some might say Nipsey not wanting to take credit away from his team shows that he was a real stand-up guy.

What do you think a Hussle, Ross partnership would've looked like?

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