Richard Sherman Speaks Out On Teams That Are Hesitant To Sign Him

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Richard Sherman is confident he can still be an effective player in the NFL.

Earlier this year, a video of Richard Sherman went viral which depicted the NFL star having a meltdown at a family member’s home. Eventually, Sherman was arrested and charged with burglary and domestic violence. Sherman has since pleaded not guilty to these charges, and he is adamant that what happened was simply a one-time thing that he is looking to control in the future. At the time, Sherman had personal battles going on and the incident was a manifestation of dark times.

Now, Sherman is trying to get back into the league and he is confident that he is still effective at getting the job done. While speaking to reporter Doug Farrar, Sherman explained that teams shouldn’t be hung up on his past transgressions and that if they are, he’s simply not interested in playing for them.

Richard SHerman

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“I’ve got a decade worth of résumé that should stand more firmly than a momentary lapse in judgment,” Sherman said. “I’ve got a decade of character and tape to be judged off of… If you’re judging me off of a momentary lapse, I’m probably not the player for you either way.”

There has been little chatter as to which teams are currently looking to sign Sherman, however, as the season goes on, injuries could provide an opening for Sherman to get back into the league. For now, however, he will simply have to watch the games from home until a team comes calling.