Record Companies in Germany Take Successful Action Against Hosting Provider of Stream Ripping Software, YouTube-DL

Photo Credit: YouTube-DLG

IFPI and BVMI have managed successful action against the web hosting provider of stream ripping software YouTube-DL.

The Hamburg Regional Court has issued an injunction requiring the individual to stop hosting the software. YouTube-DL allows users to download content directly from YouTube, circumventing the protection measures in place for licensed streamed content.

Stream ripping is the illegal practice of creating a downloadable file from content that is legally available to stream online. It is currently the most prevalent form of online music copyright infringement. According to a survey conducted last year, at least 27% of people globally used stream ripping sites as a way to illegally download music from YouTube. The 16-24 demographic saw that number jump to 40%.

Legal actions targeting stream ripping services have been successful against other sites in Germany and other jurisdictions, including Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, France, India, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Peru, and the UK.

“YouTube-DL’s services were making it possible for users to rip streams and download copyright-protected music without paying for it,” says Frances Moore, IFPI Chief Executive. “The decision today from the Hamburg Regional Court builds on the precedent already set in Germany, further indicating that hosting stream-ripping software of this nature is illegal. We continue to work around the world to tackle the issue of stream ripping which diverts revenue away from those investing in and creating music.”

“Illegal music use remains a major challenge for the industry worldwide. Globally, 30% of users report listening to or buying music through unlicensed or illegal means, with stream ripping among the most popular methods,” adds Dr. Florian Drücke, Chairman & CEO, BVMI. “This is unacceptable and harms all players in the industry as well as the music fans themselves. Against this background, the decision of the Hamburg Regional Court that the host provider must refrain from distributing the YouTube-DL software is consistent and important for the industry.”

The IFPI is the voice of the recording industry across the globe, representing over 8,000 record company members.