R. Kelly Attorney Requests Virtual Hearing, Says Singer Is Injured: Report

Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images

A new report says Kelly can’t travel from Chicago to New York for a restitution hearing.

On the heels of the news regarding the verdict in R. Kelly’s Chicago trial, it has been reported that the singer has suffered an injury. The disgraced hitmaker faced 13 charges and was convicted of six, including child pornography and enticing a minor. This follows his New York conviction and as his supporters continue to defend him against the allegations of sex crimes, many believe it is unlikely that Kelly will see freedom.

In a new report by AllHipHop, Kelly and his legal team are preparing for the victim’s restitution hearing in New York. However, the outlet claims they’ve obtained documents that state the singer’s attorneys are asking if Kelly will be able to attend virtually.

R. Kelly
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It seems that the music icon reportedly has a leg injury that is keeping him from being able to travel from his hometown.

“Undersigned counsel writes to respectfully request that Defendant Kelly be permitted to appear via zoom for the September 28th, 2022, restitution hearing,” Kelly’s attorney reportedly stated. “Mr. Kelly is currently housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Kelly has sustained an injury to his leg that makes traveling challenging and uncomfortable.”

“Furthermore, a significant amount of resources would have to be utilized to have Mr. Kelly flown in from Chicago to the Eastern District of New York for this hearing. For the foregoing reasons, Defendant respectfully requests that he be permitted to appear via zoom for the hearing. The government has no objection to this request.”

In his New York case, Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison and now, those who have been following these cases will soon learn the singer’s fate in Chicago. He has long denied the allegations against him and the ongoing scandal often causes a divide among music lovers as they debate separating the man from his crimes.

Watch a news report about the guilty verdict below.