Quando Rondo Sits Down With Big U, Talks King Von & Rough Upbringing

Carmen Mandato / Stringer / Getty Images

The rapper shares that he and Von didn’t have beef “at all” while explaining that he was born a crack baby and was in and out of foster care.

Although he’s continued to boast about his friendship with Timothy Leeks, also known as Lul Tim, Quando Rondo wants to make it clear that he didn’t have any beef with King Von. It was back in November when a shooting occurred outside of an Atlanta hookah bar resulting in the deaths of three people, including Von. The incident reportedly occurred following an altercation between Von and Rondo’s entourages, and later, Leeks was arrested and charged with the rapper’s murder.

Quando Rondo and Big U exchanged words following the slayings but now it seems that they’ve put their animosity to rest. The industry executive-community activist hosts the Checc’n In Podcast where Rondo was recently a guest and spoke about his relationship with King Von.

“Everybody scream, ‘Protect the brand,’ but when the brand get protected, everybody wanna be mad. This what come with it,” said Rondo. Big U added that he is aware that Rondo and Von “didn’t have no beef” and the rapper interrupted to say, “At all.” Big U wanted Quando Rondo to detail his upbringing including his relationship with his mother because he doesn’t believe people truly understand the full scope of who the rapper is.

“I ain’t really got no shame to tell my story. I don’t care, you feel me?” said Rondo. “Everything don’t be glitter and gold even once you successful. Everything ain’t good. Really nothing good, you feel me. Period! Not even the money because what come with all the stuff, it ain’t no happiness.”

He added that the way he grew up is much worse than what people may think and went on to speak about his mother, who he says has her life together these days. “I was born a crack baby. My mama smoked crack ’til probably I was like, probably about, 15,” the 22-year-old stated. “I been in and out of juvenile all my life and before that, I was adopted because when I was little my mama and daddy had a little fight or something like that… I got burned. I still have the burn ’til this day.”

Quando Rondo detailed being “in and out of foster homes” all his life and finally finding “his people.” He also said he hopes that the world won’t judge him based on what is posted on the internet. Check out a clip from his interview below.