Priceless Scott’s New EP Pressure Makes Diamonds Reveals Plenty About The Rapper’s Ambitions

The meticulous, layered production and the ear for an exceptional HipHop sound are both perfectly presented on multi-talented rapper from Central Florida, Priceless Scott’s New EP Pressure Makes Diamonds.

Pressure Makes Diamonds is a much more focused and structured affair that finds the rapper producing more conventionally structured Hip-Hop songs with gangsta rap elements in it. For the most part, Priceless Scott’s lyrics are balancing between relatable and aspirational topics, while her delivery is setting a cooler, more restrained tone than those of many rappers nowadays. 

However, she has chosen a much more collaborative approach in bringing in the 90s era vibes elements and making them the focus of the songs. Consequently, she shows she can incorporate all of her signature elements into a classic head-nodding song structure without having to compromise the core, distinctive elements that make her such an innovative and intriguing rapidly rising rapper. 

Pressure Makes Diamonds is a sophisticated, fully realized body of work that shows off the endless potential of the young Hip-Hop star.

Check out the full raw project as well as the igneous visuals for the “Pull Up” track off her EP right here.