Notre Dame Upsets Clemson As Fans Storm The Field

Matt Cashore-Pool/Getty Images

Notre Dame fans couldn’t care less about COVID-19.

Clemson is considered to be one of the best NCAA football¬†teams in the entire country although last night, they lost their first game of the season in what turned out to be a double-overtime thriller against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Clemson was a team that was expected to go undefeated this season but in the end, they simply weren’t able to overcome a Notre Dame team that was incredibly motivated to take the W.

The double-overtime game ended up cutting into Saturday Night Live although eventually, the show went on as normal. What wasn’t exactly normal, however, is how the Notre Dame fans acted following the game. They all rushed the field to celebrate the upset which in a year that isn’t 2020, would be totally acceptable. However, with COVID-19 cases at their worst, the maskless fans seemed to be creating their own superspreader event.

The NCAA hasn’t been without its COVID-19¬†controversies¬†especially as Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence was diagnosed with the virus just a couple of weeks ago. While the discourse surrounding the virus has mostly gone away over the last little while, it’s important to remember that it is still very much a threat to those who are vulnerable.

Regardless, this is definitely a win that the fighting Irish will be rejoicing over.