NLE Choppa's Ex GF Shares Update After Tearful Video: "I Love Hard"

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ

“I’m not embarrassed or ashamed.”

NLE Choppa‘s ex-girlfriend Marissa DaNae had the Internet split on Thursday (September 16) when she shared a tearful video, breaking down her split with the Memphis rapper. While some came to the 21-year old’s defense, others shamed her bringing her personal life on to social media. Either way, DaNae’s message was heard, and NLE took to social media shortly after to clear his name. 

“I don’t see myself at this time period with me being 19 years old, with me having not experienced my twenties and all this stuff, I do not see me being just loyal to you,” the “Walk Em Down” rapper shared in a video. He also made it clear that he warned Marissa about his feelings at the start of their relationship. “In the beginning, I told her, I said, ‘Yo, I’m a loyal individual, but I cannot, I can’t sit here and lie to you and say if I be with you, you the only person I’ma have sex with,’ or ‘You will be the only partner.'”

Despite the back and forth, it seems Marissa is in better spirits after expressing herself publicly. She penned a messaged on Friday (September 16), thanking everyone who reached out and made sure she was ok. “Yesterday I was trying to deal with a new pain,” she shared. “Unfortunately it took over. But I’m not embarrassed or ashamed.” She continued on letting her followers know that it’s still “all love” on her end, adding, “I love him, and that’s my Bestfriend. I wish love and peace to everyone, especially the women who wanted to say hurtful things to me.”

Before wrapping up her message, Marissa said she’ll be sharing her healing journey for all those who want to see her win. “Hope you guys can relate, that I can help you in some kind of way.” Since posting his vulnerable Youtube video, NLE Choppa hasn’t spoken about his relationship with Marissa. 

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