New Research On COVID-19 Shows Possible Sexual Transmission: Report

The world is still adjusting to the new norms Covid-19. While many other countries have gotten things under control, the United States is still having trouble containing the virus. Scientists, doctors, and researchers all kinds are looking to learn everything they can about the virus. According to some new studies, it looks like COVID-19 may mess with men’s fertility and also may be transmitted sexually.

A study published last month in JAMA analyzed semen samples 38 COVID-19 patients. 15 percent patients had coronavirus in their semen. According to researcher Dr. John Aitken, COVID-19 has also been shown to dramatically reduce testosterone. A decrease in testosterone has a notable influence on the body’s responsiveness to Leydig cells that stimulate the secretion sex steroids.

“It should be emphasized spermatozoa have a demonstrable capacity to carry viral infections from the male to the female reproductive tract,” Aitken stated. “As happens during the sexual transmission Zika, for example.” Pathogenic viruses like HIV and hepatitis have been connected to infertility. The presence the virus in the testicles also makes transmitting the disease to sexual partners an issue. It looks like anyone engaging in sexual acts should wrap it up, or better yet, wait it out!