Morrissey Accuses Capitol Records of Sabotaging His Latest Album

Photo Credit: Charlie Llewellin / CC by 2.0

Morrissey accuses Capitol Records of sabotaging his latest album, leading to his bout of misfortune.

Morrissey thinks Capitol Records may have intentionally sabotaged his latest album, Bonfire of Teenagers, because his beliefs make him “too diverse.” A post on his website, which appears to have been written by a third party, asserts that the singer may attribute all his recent problems to sabotage.

After he announced in December that he split from his management and Capitol Records, followed by Miley Cyrus asking to be removed from his song “I Am Veronica,” a new post appeared Tuesday on Morrissey’s site, entitled “Bonfire Doused.”

The post claims Morrissey is “too diverse” for Universal Music Group, and Capitol Records Los Angeles is holding onto his unreleased album despite refusing to release it. Although Morrissey officially signed to Capitol Records Los Angeles, the post asserts that there has yet to be any mention of him on the label’s website or artists roster.

“Morrissey has said that although he does not believe that Capitol Records in Los Angeles signed Bonfire of Teenagers in order to sabotage it, he is quickly coming around to that belief,” reads the post before linking to a Medium article by Fiona Dodwell which suggests that Morrissey has “been canceled” for speaking “uncomfortable truths.”

While Moz has always been a lightning rod for controversy, he recently claimed that “Cancel Vultures” had falsely accused him of espousing far-right politics because of his support for the political group, For Britain. Morrissey has argued that the group was not right-wing oriented, urging people not to “close (their) minds.” The singer also argued that the COVID pandemic was an attempt to enslave the masses.

With no release in sight for Bonfire of Teenagers, Morrissey announced another new album, Without Music the World Dies, late last year.