‘Metroid Prime 4: Beyond,’ ‘The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom’ & More Announced During Latest Nintendo Direct

Xbox and PlayStation showed gamers what they could look forward to playing on their consoles for the remainder of the year and beyond; now, It’s Nintendo’s turn to show their hand.

Earlier this morning, Nintendo held its massive summer Nintendo Direct showcase that was roughly about 40 minutes long, announcing plenty of titles coming to its extremely popular Switch device and possibly to the confirmed Nintendo Switch 2 that the company let us know ahead of time would not make an appearance.

Out of all of the titles announced, three games, which feature Nintendo’s biggest IPs stood out the most.

If you thought Nintendo was done hitting us with RPGs featuring its popular mascot you were dead wrong. Many were surprised to learn that Mario & Luigi: Brothership, which Nintendo describes as “a brand-new, seafaring entry,” in the RPG franchise will hit the Nintendo Switch on November 7, 2024.

So if you’re one of those people who’s backlog still includes Super Mario RPG, and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, hurrying up finish them before Mario & Luigi: Brothership arrives.

Imagine our surprise when Nintendo revealed a new entry in the Legend of Zelda franchise is on the way. If you haven’t finished Breath of The Wild or Tears of The Kingdom, don’t worry this new game, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom isn’t continuation of the those titles.

Instead, for the first time ever, you will take control of Princess Zelda who is now are with a magical staff called a Tri Rod that allows her to create “echoes” of objects and monsters that she encounters during her journey to save Hyrule after Link is bested by Ganon.

Accompanied by a fairy companion named Tri, Princess Zelda will utilize her “echoes” to help her navigate puzzles and take on foes.

Our favorite galactic bounty hunter, Samus Aryan is back. Fans of the Metroid Prime series got a sample of what the title feels like on the Nintendo Switch when Metroid Prime Remastered, and now we finally are getting our first look at the long awaited Metroid Prime 4: Beyond.

The teaser gives just a small glimpse of what is going on in the game that is set to arrive in 2025, but will it be one of the launch titles for the Nintendo Switch 2.

Those of course were not the only announcements during the 40 minute showcase. You can see the rest of the trailers in the gallery below.

1. Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

Guide Luigi through haunted hijinks in this spine-tingling adventure! Goofy ghosts, tricky traps, and supernatural shenanigans await in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, launching on Nintendo Switch on June 27th!

2. Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Games

Attention Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members! These Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance games are now available:

✅ Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

✅ Perfect Dark

✅ The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Four Swords

✅ Metroid: Zero Mission Perfect Dark and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter are playable via the new Nintendo 64.

Nintendo Switch Online: MATURE 17+ collection of games, available to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members.

3. Nintendo Switch Sports – Basketball Trailer

Basketball is being added as a free update to Nintendo Switch Sports!

Local and Online play: 🏀 2v2 matches using motion controls

Local play: 🏀 Solo Three-Point Challenge

🏀 Five-Streak Battle.

The free update dunks its way onto Nintendo Switch this year.

4. Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven

The groundbreaking non-linear RPG Romancing SaGa 2, originally released in 1993 in Japan, makes its triumphant return in this first full remake, Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven, coming to Nintendo Switch on October 24, 2024. Save Your Empire.

Defend Your Legacy.

Furious that mankind has forgotten their many sacrifices, the legendary Seven Heroes have returned as villains bent on revenge. As legions of monsters swarm the world, defend your legacy across successive generations as the ruler of the Varennes Empire.

To prosper and ensure longevity, an empire must be built. With a devoted Royal Court overseeing the economy, technology, city construction, and magic, you can safeguard your empire’s future for your descendants.

The Free-form Scenario system offers a vast array of story experiences in response to your choices, and with the Imperial Succession system, you can select your main character from many playable protagonists to cultivate and expand your legacy, passing down powers, skills, and secrets to the next generation.

5. The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy-

Takumi Sumino has a unique requirement at the Last Defense Academy. Defend the school from hostile student enemies for 100 days!

Help Takumi survive this 100-day trial in The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy-, launching on Nintendo Switch early next year.

6. Ace Attorney Investigations Collection

EUREKA! Miles Edgeworth moves beyond the courtroom and straight to the crime scene in the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection! Featuring two remastered titles – Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Western debut of Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor’s Gambit!

Join the prolific prosecutor himself as he analyzes mind-bending mysteries and cryptic conundrums while seeking out the ultimate truth on Nintendo Switch on September 6th 2024!

7. Just Dance 2025 Edition – Announce Trailer

Just Dance 2025 Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch this October! Whether you want to take the party to a whole new level, exercise while having fun, or create special family moments, Just Dance 2025 Edition has something for everyone, with 40 hot new songs, from pop hits to family favorites!

8. Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings

From Wētā Workshop, known for their work in the film industry, comes Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings Game, a Hobbit life sim set in the Middle-earth universe of J.R.R. Tolkien. Coming this Holiday to Nintendo Switch.

9. Stray – Announcement Trailer

Stray is coming to Nintendo Switch this Holiday 2024!

Lost, alone, and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find their way home.

10. LEGO Horizon Adventures – Announce Trailer

Get ready for a new adventure with the world of Horizon…in LEGO form!

Join machine hunter Aloy on a quest to save the world from an ancient evil. Bring a friend to join you in 2-player local or online co-op when LEGO® Horizon Adventures™ launches on Nintendo Switch this holiday.

11. Super Mario Party Jamboree – Announcement Trailer

Get ready to visit an enormous island resort for a party…a Mario Party!

The biggest Mario Party yet, Super Mario Party Jamboree launches on Nintendo Switch October 17th! Take on over 110 minigames, 7 game boards (5 new boards and 2 returning boards), and join up to 20 players head-to-head online in Koopathlon mode!

12. MARVEL vs. CAPCOM Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics – Announcement Trailer

Gonna take you for a ride back to the arcades with MARVEL vs. CAPCOM Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics!

7 legendary games, all in one Super Heroic collection, coming to Nintendo Switch this year.






– MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 2 New Age of Heroes


Additional enhancements across the collection include custom match and spectator features, a museum, a music player, various display filters, one-button special moves, and more!

13. Disney Illusion Island – ‘Mystery in Monoth’ Update

Curious clues are popping up across Monoth, and Dash Dolphin needs your help to find them. Locate clues, close cases, and solve this brand-new detective mystery.

The ‘Mystery in Monoth’ free update for Disney Illusion Island is available now on Nintendo Switch: https://www.nintendo.com/us/store/pro…

14. Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero – Announcement Trailer

Set sail to save the day with Marona and her Phantom friends in Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero, coming to Nintendo Switch in 2025!

Each stage of this colorful RPG adventure offers a gridless tactical turn-based challenge. Utilize the “Confine” system to recruit Phantoms, binding them to objects on the map for unique advantages. Unleash potent attacks with “Confine,” merging Phantoms with cannons and other Gadgets. When all else fails, execute Marona’s special “Confriend” ability for show-stopping abilities that will turn the tide of battle!

15. Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition – Survival Mode & Legend Challenge

Take on over 150 speedrunning challenges, face off against the best times of players of different skill levels in Survival Mode, and put your skills to the ultimate test in Legend Challenges from across 13 NES games when Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition arrives on Nintendo Switch July 18, 2024!

Will you be the last one standing?


The final battle of FAIRY TAIL begins this winter on Nintendo Switch!

Experience the final battle of Natsu and his friends in an epic, action RPG! This new game depicts the final chapter of the original work like only KOEI TECMO and GUST can deliver.

17. FANTASIAN Neo Dimension

The father of FINAL FANTASY, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu return to deliver an original RPG story!

Experience an enhanced version of FANTASIAN Neo Dimension, with brand new features including English and Japanese voice overs and an additional difficulty option.

Assume the role of Leo, as he journeys to recover his memories and solve the mystery of a strange mechanical infection destroying his world. Experience an original and modern take on the beloved turn-based battle system, with a wealth of unique mechanics and strategic combat that shake up the classic RPG formula, and explore a multi-dimensional universe come to life set against the backdrop of over 150 charming hand-crafted dioramas.

FANTASIAN Neo Dimension will be launching on Nintendo Switch this Winter.

18. MIO: Memories in Orbit – World Premiere Reveal Trailer

MIO: Memories in Orbit will release in 2025 on Nintendo Switch.

MIO: Memories in Orbit is a 2D adventure RPG set in the Vessel, a gigantic spaceship drifting in space for mysterious reasons.

Play the android MIO and explore this decaying and mesmerizing world, overgrown with machines gone rogue. Uncover its secrets, enhance MIO’s abilities, and save the spaceship and its residents from oblivion!

19. Hello Kitty Island Adventure – Announcement Trailer

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is arriving on Nintendo Switch in 2025!

Embark on a cozy adventure with Hello Kitty and Friends to explore and restore a mysterious island. Get to know supercute and friendly faces like Hello Kitty, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll as you learn what they love, adventure alongside them, and eventually become best friends.

Cook delicious dishes, solve ancient puzzles, and decorate cabins to bring along new visitors and create your ultimate island paradise.

20. Looney Tunes: Wacky World of Sports

Looney Tunes: Wacky World of Sports is heading to Nintendo Switch on this Fall!

Avoid wacky obstacles and gain power-ups to incite chaos against your friends & family as you play as your favorite Looney Tunes character in 4 classic sports: Basketball, Soccer, Golf, and Tennis!

21. Among Us – New Roles Trailer

Prep the airlock and join your Crewmates in a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal in Among Us! All new Roles (Noisemaker, Tracker, and Phantom) add another layer of deception – out now on Nintendo Switch!

22. Farmagia – Announcement Trailer

Command your monster army as you adventure through the dangerous lands of Felicidad in Farmagia, coming to Nintendo Switch on November 1, 2024!

23. Donkey Kong Country Returns HD – Announcement Trailer

The king of Kong returns!

Originally released on the Wii system, Donkey Kong Country Returns HD is barreling onto #NintendoSwitch January 16th!

Enjoy 80 levels, including the additional levels from the Nintendo 3DS version, and join up with a buddy for 2-player local co-op!

24. DRAGON QUEST III HD-2D Remake – Release Date Trailer

HD-2D remakes draws near! Command?

Travel through vast worlds and discover where the legendary DRAGON QUEST franchise began with the stunning DRAGON QUEST III HD-2D remake and the newly announced DRAGON QUEST I & II HD-2D Remake!!

DRAGON QUEST III HD-2D Remake comes to Nintendo Switch on November 14, 2024.

DRAGON QUEST I & II HD-2D Remake comes to Nintendo Switch in 2025.

25. Funko Fusion – Gameplay Trailer

Funko Fusion is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 13, 2024!

Celebrate your favorite franchises from across TV, film, comics, and games in Funko Fusion. Explore diverse and colorful worlds, solve puzzles, and relive memorable moments from over 20 worlds of entertainment. Unlock and play with over 60 unique characters in an action game that is filled with uniquely authentic, irreverent humor from the creative minds of 10:10 Games.


THE NEW DENPA MEN is basically free to play and will be available on Nintendo Switch on July 22, 2024.

WiFi radio waves flying around you. DENPA MEN is a small creature that uses these radio waves as its home.

You can’t see them with the naked eye, but you can find them and catch them using THE NEW DENPA MEN.

THE NEW DENPA MEN is an RPG where you can adventure with such people as your friends. Unlike other RPGs, your adventure companions aren’t in the game, they’re all around you!

In addition to the main stage that can be played at any time, there are also event stages that are open for a limited time.

In addition to adventure, there is plenty of fun to be had, such as decorating your base island, fishing for fish, and more!


METAL SLUG, the classic action shooter, retains its detailed 2D-pixel look and is now a tower defense game with beginner-friendly controls!

Use all sorts of strategies to crush enemy bases! The game also features “ANOTHER STORY,” which fans won’t want to miss, and “GALLERY” Mode. Battle it out with players all over the world for the highest title!

28. Darkest Dungeon II – Announcement Trailer

Darkest Dungeon II is a rogue-lite turn-based road trip of the damned. Form a party, equip your stagecoach, and set off across the decaying landscape on a last gasp quest to avert an apocalypse.

The greatest dangers you face, however, may come from within… Players embark on a thrilling journey through five campaigns, known as “Confessions”, each featuring its own terrifying boss and pervasive mechanics. The game features 12 playable heroes, an extensive metagame progression hub (“The Altar of Hope”), 10 companion pets with different run-defining properties, and optional thematic difficulty modifiers in the form of the Radiant and Infernal Flame equipable items for those who want less or more challenge.

Darkest Dungeon II is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 15, 2024. Pre-order today: https://www.nintendo.com/us/store/pro…