Max Kellerman Taunts Warriors Fans, Declares NBA Finals Over

Kellerman continues his feud with Warriors fans.

ESPN First Take host Max Kellerman has a real problem with players and teams who have proved themselves to be champions time and time again. The boxing expert took every opportunity to disrespect the New England Patriots and it ultimately led them to a sixth Super Bowl. Throughout the NBA Finals, Kellerman has been a big detractor the Golden State Warriors, saying the Toronto Raptors would defeat them in six games. Of course, Warriors fans have taken exception to these predictions and have booed him at every appropriate opportunity.

Tonight, the Raptors will have an opportunity to close out the Warriors and prove Kellerman prophecy right. Kellerman took this opportunity to taunt Warriors fans before the latest airing  First Take. While filming live from Oakland, Kellerman stood on a balcony above a gang Warriors fans while accompanied by two Raptors supporters.

From there, Kellerman said that Kawhi Leonard and the Raps would put the Warriors away and end their reign terror. Once again, Kellerman was met with a wave boos although he didn’t seem to really care. Much like his predecessor Skip Bayless, Kellerman seems content with being an agitator more than a real credible analyst.

Who do you think is winning tonight? Can the Raptors take home their first final?