Masika Kalysha Flaunts Diamond Ring Sparking Engagement Talk

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Masika Kalysha is cozied up flaunting a huge diamond ring.

If Masika Kalysha is not going back and forth with another Love & Hip Hop Hollywood or franchise cast member, she is sharing her unsolicited opinions on young women pregnant by rappers. She’s seemingly mastered the art of staying in the headlines, so whether she is promoting a new business venture, show, or faking her very own kidnapping, she’s in your face like a…Kardashian–I guess. 

Earlier this month, Masika took to Twitter to claim that she has receipts confirming Alexis Skyy’s real baby father is “Brandon the car dealer.” 

Masika holds the title as Wap’s only L&HH baby mother, but it seems she is heading in another direction in terms of romantic relationships. Masika shared a fleeting video in her Instagram story, where she was cuddled up with a new man. Although the name of whoever she was sharing the holidays with has not yet been revealed, she is letting it be known that she is indeed seriously seeing someone. In one of the videos, Masika is opening a champagne bottle with the words “congratulations…really” written as a diamond ring sparkles on her finger. 

If congratulations are truly in order, we wish her and her new love the best.