Mark Cuban Gets Brutally Honest About NBA In-Season Tournament

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Vox Media

The NBA in-season tournament could be a reality soon.

Adam Silver and the NBA have been working hard on getting some sort of in-season tournament together. The league believes this would be huge for the NBA as it would deliver extra profits while also showcasing just how talented the league’s players are when the stakes are just a bit higher. The NBA is looking to make the in-season tournament something that will take place every year. They want it to be a new tradition and they want to be like European soccer.

According to Shams Charania, the league has a new proposal for this tournament which will make it so that eight teams get to play elimination-style through the month of December. There is no telling how this will all work out, but the NBA is adamant about getting this done.

According to NBA reporter Landon Buford, Mark Cuban is not a fan of this new idea. The Dallas Mavericks owner has been very clear about his distaste for this new plan, and for now, it seems like he won’t allow the Mavericks to participate on the fullest scale possible.

In terms of in-season tournament, I’m not a fan. I’m definitely not a fan,” Cuban said. “I can see the Mavs just not participating at all or resting our best players. Until they give me the Larry O’Brien (trophy) for that. The prize is the prize, and you gotta keep your eyes on the prize.”

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