Machine Gun Kelly Lashes Out At Whomever Vandalized His Tour Bus With Homophobic Slurs

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

MGK is not amused.

Machine Gun Kelly‘s been busy touring his latest album. On Thursday, Kelly played a show in Omaha, Nebraska, and someone vandalized one of his tour buses. The bus was tagged with a homophobic slur and a drawing of a penis. MGK wasn’t happy with the vandals, and addressed them in an Instagram Story.

“You’re so dumb,” Kelly said. “You spray painted a bus thinking it was my bus… wrong bus, you f**king idiot! Do the first part of the crime right.” The rapper-turned-rocker said that he was around the tour buses until 4:30 AM after his show, and guessed that the perpetrator must have waited until around 5 AM to commit the crime. They scrawled “Rap Devil F****t” on one side of the bus, and an ejaculating penis on the other side. None of MGK’s other buses were hit.

Machine Gun Kelly

 Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kelly mocked the unnamed tagger in his story. “You waited until 5 a.m. to spray paint… a d**k,” Kelly said, laughing. “You could have been at home, cuddling with your partner, doing something. Instead you were like, ‘Goddammit, I just wish he would go up to his hotel room so I could spray paint this d**k!'” He added an caption to the video, which read, “But y’all never say or do any of this s**t to my face!”

MGK also said that he didn’t even see the graffiti in person because it was washed off easily. “Aren’t you sad?” He said. “I didn’t even get to enjoy it. You suck.”

Take a look at the graffiti below.