Lil Pump Thinks He Looks Like Chris Brown

Lil Pump has a simple question for his fans.

Lil Pump spits out some the hottest takes we’ve ever heard. This month, he was getting dragged online for saying XXXTentacion is this generation’s Tupac Shakur. He’s also gone on record to state that he’s the greatest lyricist to ever live. When it comes to his appearance, Jetski is trying to find out which celebrity he looks the most like. He happens to think that he’s got a little bit Chris Brown going in his face and apparently, one his fans agrees. He was so curious that he decided to ask his supporters if they agree, sharing an image himself and fishing for compliments.

Lil Pump Thinks He Looks Like Chris Brown
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Pump posted a photo himself sitting on the dock by the lake, asking people if they can spot the Breezy similarities. Some people were polite and told the star that he looks more like Lil Pump (duh) while others were a little more direct. “You look like Chris Browns’ uncle who is addicted to crack,” wrote one commenter. Ouch.

Do you see any similarities or is Lil Pump tripping like always? Let us know in the comments. If you think he looks more like somebody else, who is on your mind?