Lil Gotit Says He Didn't Date Bhad Bhabie

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Lil Gotit shuts down Bhad Bhabie relationship rumors.

Were Lil Gotit and Bhad Bhabie ever an item? Lil Gotit finally put the rumors surrounding him and Bhabie to rest on the No Jumper podcast with Adam22.

Gotit and Bhabie were presumed to be at the start of a new relationship when the two were seen snuggling up on one another over an Instagram live session in October of 2019. The video ended without any official confirmation of the rappers’ couple status, but nonetheless, Bhad Bhabie could be seen sniffing and lightly kissing Gotit’s neck. The pair then each posted the same photo of themselves in the studio together, adding more fuel to the fire. It’s worth noting that this was all happening in the midst of the two collaborating together on “$,” and thus, perhaps it was all in an effort to hype up the single. 


Now, in a recent episode of the No Jumper podcast, Adam brought up Gotit’s past relationship with Bhad Bhabie, looking for clarity. Gotit quickly shuts down the host’s allegations:

“No the f*ck, I did not date her. Stop doin that lame a** sh*t. That sh*t crazy.”

Gotit went on to say that they’ve always been friends on some “lil sis sh*t,” but that he was punishing her right now for not getting him anything for his birthday.

“She on punishment right now. She didn’t get me sh*t for my birthday.”

The rapper then told a quick story of when he watched her shop online:

“She ordering Cartier bracelet. Three bracelets, these motherf*ckers came out like $35,000. She put her card information in… Motherf*cker went through. I’m over here tryna screenshot with my eyes man.” Even if the two were never more than friends, Lil Gotit seems quite impressed with Bhad Bhabie’s available cash flow.