LeBron James Laughs At Kawhi & Paul George's Pain

Harry How/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George had little interest in the Clippers’ recent media event.

Today was a big day for the Los Angeles Clippers franchise as they announced the name of their brand new stadium in Inglewood. For 23 years, the new arena will be called the Intuit Dome, and owner Steve Ballmer is extremely excited about the future. During the media event today, Ballmer also announced that the arena will be ready for the 2024-2025 season, which is an exciting prospect for basketball fans in Inglewood.

As for the team’s two superstars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the media event wasn’t all that great. In a video posted to Twitter by Clutch Points, Kawhi and George seemed comatose while watching the music performances that were going down, and it made for a hilarious visual.

As the video went viral, LeBron James noticed the clip and decided to react to it all with a bevy of laughing emojis. Clearly, the Lakers superstar found it humorous, especially given what we know about Kawhi’s deadpan personality.

Just a few years ago, LeBron was trying to recruit Kawhi to come to the Lakers although the superstar decided to go to the Clips instead. Based on their off-court interactions, it seems as though there are no hard feelings, which is good to see.

Hopefully, for Kawhi, the Clippers’ new stadium is a lot more exciting than the press conference that announced it.

LeBron & Kawhi

Harry How/Getty Images