Leaked Video Footage Shows Offset Cheating on Cardi B… Again!

Why is the internet not tired this yet? Looks like Offset might have been caught cheating on Cardi B again. At least, if you squint. Maybe.

A Twitter account called Female Rap Source claims to have footage the rapper sleeping with a woman who is not Cardi. Neither person’s face can be made out clearly in either the short videos that the account posted, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from losing it.

If Cardi responds, it will be the second time she’s been forced to talk about cheating rumors in the last few months:

“I really hate when s**t like this happens because it takes away from my work. It takes away from my plans,” Cardi said the last time these rumors surfaced. “The focus is not on my s**t,” she added, grousing that all the talk was taking the focus f her latest single “Bartier Cardi.” “The gossip always over-beats.”