Kyle Kuzma Explains Why He Changed His Number

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma made the move as a respectful gesture.

Kyle Kuzma is one of the most recent additions to the Washington Wizards and there is no doubt that he is excited about his fresh start. While playing for the Lakers, Kuzma received a ton of scrutiny, but now, he can enjoy a much more subdued life as he plays for a franchise without many expectations.

Recently, Kuzma revealed that he will no longer wear the number zero, and instead, he will don 33. While talking to reporters via NBC Sports, Kuzma explained that the reason behind this change was respect for Gilbert Arenas, who also wore the number zero with the Wizards.

Kyle Kuzma

Rob Carr/Getty Images

“Out of respect for Gilbert Arenas… That was probably one of the biggest things,” Kuzma explained. “When you think of the Washington Wizards, honestly the first person I think of, because my generation, is Gilbert Arenas, Agent Zero. Obviously, that played a big part, and having a fresh start. I just felt it was right.”

Arenas is perhaps one of the best players to ever suit up for the Wizards, aside from Michael Jordan. Arenas was a superb offensive talent and to this day, he remains a highly respected former player. Needless to say, Kuzma wanted to make sure he ingratiates himself with the Wizards fanbase, and this will definitely do the trick.