Killer Mike Details Kamala Harris Meeting

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Killer Mike takes to Twitter to share details about his recent meeting with Senator Kamala Harris during her Atlanta campaign stop.

Rappers have been holding increasing sway over political parties, as evidenced by the recent narrative that sparked following Ice Cube‘s meeting with the Republican party. And though it didn’t take long for the NWA legend to find himself castigated by a chorus of social-media naysayers, Cube maintained the CWBA was a bipartisan issue and stood by his decision. Now, Killer Mike — who himself has become a respected leader in the hip-hop community — has stepped up to break bread with Senator Kamala Harris, who is currently running as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate.

Killer Mike Kamala Harris

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The Run The Jewels rapper and entrepreneur took to Twitter to provide a quick update on his meeting, sharing some of the main issues and points of concern. “Just had a meeting with Sen. Harris,” confirmed Mike, on the same day Harris confirmed she would be campaigning in Atlanta. “My points *Dems Need to be heavy on the door Knox’N, HR40 tweek it better and have Biden Sign, Fed Trades Programs for worker class Americans so u can build, Black men exit prison and entrance to marijuana biz as a priority for biz and jobs.”

“Also consigned her to a bunch of Spelman and Morehouse kids so they can know HBCU’s are a HUGE part of what makes this country great! I wish her well and our country as well,” he concludes, though it’s unclear as to whether he’s planning on officially endorsing Joe Biden for President. Either way, it’s great to see Mike continue to engage on a political level, as his voice and perspective have come to carry to carry much weight in the hip-hop community.

Check out some of his key points below, and perhaps we’ll see further details on their meeting in the near future.