Kevin Garnett Roasts The Lakers

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Kevin Garnett will never miss an opportunity

As it stands, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a brand new head coach. They have a few options that they are considering, and for now, it seems like they have winded things down to three candidates. Those candidates happen to be Kenny Atkinson, Terry Stotts, and Darvin Ham. None of these names are particularly sexy, however, the Lakers are simply looking for someone who can fix their abysmal situation. 

While the Lakers might be excited about these candidates, it appears as though some people think they are a complete joke. Among those people is none other than Kevin Garnett who always hated the Lakers thanks to his playing days with the Boston Celtics. Taking to his IG story, Garnett went off on the Lakers’ finalists, noting that the franchise is unserious about winning.

Kevin Garnett

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“Man are the Lakers serious,” Garnett wrote. “They not serious about trying to better the situation with that list of coaches.”

There are plenty of interesting names that the Lakers could have chosen from, however, many of them haven’t coached in a while. One such name is Mark Jackson, who is someone most fans would love to see coach in the NBA again. 

It remains to be seen who the Lakers will go with, however, if one thing is for sure, there will be a lot of pressure on the next bench boss of this team.